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Marathon Day
December 10th, 2023

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What makes Vientiane Marathon unique?

Since 2016, Events for Good (EFG) has organized the Vientiane International Half Marathon (VIHM), bringing together runners from around the globe. This led to the Vientiane International Marathon (VIM) in 2019. The marathon route leads you through Vientiane’s quiet streets. The route will take runners through culturally and historically significant streets, landmarks, and provide a unique experience. Taking place at Pha That Luang Grounds, Laos’ most prominent landmark, the event kicks off and ends here.

As part of its mission, VIM promotes a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise. The race attracts participants for a variety of reasons. There are some runners who run to improve their health, support a local charity, develop unity within their community, and promote a greener environment. It will be beneficial for the Lao economy if VIM succeeds. Laos’ tourism industry as well as other industries will be boosted by this project. There is a growing trend for people around the world to run in new destinations, and Laos is an ideal place for such a competition. VIM will also create opportunities for Lao citizens to participate in a major event in their own country. Furthermore, Laos will be able to attract international and elite runners.

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